“Best tip? That campsite in the middle of Paris!”

Aart, Lies, Fien(7) and Maas(4) are traveling in a Volkswagen T5 Westfalia through France with Saint-Tropez as their destination. On their way, they camp out at two special locations: the camping where, 18 years ago, the spark between Aart and Lies hit, and a camping in the middle of Paris.

The four of you in a motorhome, what’s  that like?

Aart: “We tried this concept last year: Kids in the raised roof and us staying below. That allows us to walk around the motorhome and have a wine at night. This year we wanted to bring a tent, so we could occasionally sleep in a bigger bed than the one in the T5.”

Camping Paris

What were your plans?

Lies:”We actually only had two goals: the first one was a camping in the Auvergne, because we met there; the second was Saint-Tropez for snorkeling. That was also the furthest we went. We had a camping in a village 3 miles from Saint-Tropez.”

What was that like?

Aart: “It’s a really fun town. We were there on a saturday during the big market. There are some small beaches there well suited for swimming and watching the fish while snorkeling. It’s also a luxurious city of course, everything just looks amazing.

Camping Paris

What was your highlight?

Lies: “I really liked being able to go everywhere by bike. Dropping of the camper and taking the bikes of to do some groceries or to visit a village. But I think the camping at Paris was the true highlight, even more so because we were able to go to the city by bike.”

Aart: “It seems that Paris is focusing on getting people to move around by bike for a while now. They’re busy building biking roads so you can get through the city safely. The bikes added quite a lot to our camper holiday.

Camping Paris

What was the camping like?

Aart: “You have to make a reservation in advance, but we’d highly recommend going there. The camping is located in a forest at the west side of Paris, only a 30 minutes bike trip from the heart of Paris. If you don’t have a bike, it’s possible to get to the subway with a shuttle bus too. The places on the camping are spacious, there’s enough room for a motorhome. We had a spot of 5,5 by 5,5 yards. It was really fun.”

Camping Paris

What was it like, being back at the place where you met?

Aart: “It was fun seeing it all again. It has been 18 years. It’s a camping municipal, a municipality camping, very minimalistic. It’s next to a river, nothing really changed much.

And you rented a motorhome for the second time now. How did the pickup of the camper go?

Aart: “we picked it up in Cuijk, the Netherlands, from a man who is retired and rents out 3 motorhomes. We really wanted a compact motorhome for a nice speedy drive, just like a regular car. With this T5 you got the advantage of a well furnished motorhome. Last year we had the T4, the previous generation. We knew what to expect, but also what wasn’t that convenient. That’s why we wanted the newer generation: in the newer generation, the rough patches of the T4 have been smoothed out. So some things went a little more easily than last time.

Camping Paris

So you already have some experience renting a motorhome.Do you have any tips?

Aart: “I think it’s a good idea to check the motorhome out before definitely booking it. Get to know the person renting it and make the choice based on how the motorhome looks in real life.”

Lies: “Last year the owner also told us not to definitely book it right away but to come and have a look at it first.”

Aart: “I think you really have to see if it’s trustworthy and if it suits you. I have to say: it looks rather easy heading of with a motorhome, but especially with two kids it’s a lot of converting between travel, living and sleep mode. you have to enjoy that.”

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