Brit Stops has a new book every year with details of over 900 hosts that offer a stop for the night for free! How does that work? Country pubs, farm shops, vineyards, breweries, craft/antique centres welcome you at a parking spot at their venue.

That sounds too good to be true but it works for both the travellers and the hosts. When you stay at a Brit Stop, there is no obligation to buy any products with your host but the experience is that 93% of the guests do! And why should you not? The Brit Stops are mostly in smaller communities where you can really get a touch of local food, drinks or other products.

How does it work?

You can find Brit Stops through the physical guide book that you receive as your ‘membership card’ for the year. As they say, no battery or cables needed (see the funny video below). You sign up for £27,50 and you get a membership for the year. When you arrive at your ‘Brit Stop’ you say hello to your host and a goodbye when you leave so they know that you are there. Personal interaction is one of the main principles of Brit Stops which means you often learn more about a place or a product where you stay the night.

Brit stops

The freedom of your home on wheels

We feel that Brit Stops is a great addition to the feeling of freedom that you experience with a motorhome. You get to places you maybe otherwise wouldn’t have stopped and you get a local touch away from the masses. Often a nice chat with the hosts is also included for free! Are there any rules? Well, yes but most are based on common courtesy, but mostly there are no facilities so make sure you are self-contained and don’t arrive with empty water tanks and full waste tanks. The places are all suitable for vehicles classed as “motor caravan”. Have a look here for the most asked questions. Interested in an experience of a first time Brit Stop user? Read a great experience here.

Brit Stop

Are you a Brit Stop member? We are looking for some experiences to add to this blog. Please contact us or leave a comment on this page to have your story shared.


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