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Camptoo's vision is to enable people in Europe to share the fun of camping with a campervan or motorhome. By making the hiring process easy, fun and safe it means camping vehicles are standing less idle and more travellers experience the freedom of our great outdoors!


What our community has achieved

Camptoo through the years

Thousands of people have experienced renting or renting out via Camptoo. Together we have created countless numbers of unforgettable experiences!


Camping vehicle owners that rent out via Camptoo.

550,000+ nights

Spent in nature with vehicles booked via Camptoo

8 countries

Active in 8 countries worldwide!


Named fastest-growing company in the travel industry by to the Financial Times in 2020.

Family camping with a motorhome
Who we are

Meet the Camptoo team!

Since Camptoo was founded in 2014 by Martijn, Joep & Roel the team has grown to 53 people in 10+ countries


General Manager UK

Having always loved sport, travelling and the outdoors, I love helping Camptoo help others take awesome roadtrips and live a life of adventure!


Owner Onboarding UK

I started out as a Customer Happiness Employee with Camptoo but got the opportunity to join the Owner Onboarding team. Now i get to help all new owners who join Camptoo set up their ad and make their start as successful as possible.


Customer Happiness Employee

At Camptoo I am able to do work that challenges me and I really enjoy. With a great and diverse team of colleagues I am happy to solve challenging problems and build relationships.


Customer Happiness Employee

H,i I'm a customer service professional from London who loves the outdoors and most sporting activities. I'm here to help and make sure you have a great smooth experience with Camptoo!


Customer Happiness Employee

A traveller, who after many experiences and adventures worldwide lands in Camptoo to help the project grow. Life is a journey and journeys are stories – I am here to listen!

Martijn Peeters

Co-founder & CEO

I love camping and dislike assets not being utilized. I get a kick out of the thousands of amazing experiences from travellers via our platform.

Hannah den Boon

Product Owner

I find people and their way of thinking extremely interesting. By talking with Camptoo users and understanding them, I know what's needed to make the Camptoo experience even better.


Product Owner

As Product Owner I help to make the Camptoo platform better every day for travellers and lessors.


Backend developer

I love coding, development, learning new things and how something you write can be used by so many people and make their lives easier. At Camptoo, I feel I can do that, learn new things and influence the people using the website.


Growth Hacker

Since childhood, I have loved traveling and camping. What I love about Camptoo is that campervans are utilized a lot better and other travelers can experience the freedom of traveling with one. My goal is to have as many people as possible experience this.

Swapna Shirole

QA Engineer

I work as Quality assurance engineer at Camptoo. Camptoo has a diverse team which allows me to work with international colleagues. The work environment here encourages me to learn, grow professionally and improve the platform.

Joep Roebroek

Co-founder, Full-stack Developer

I try to convert the wishes of users and colleagues into useful functionalities on the website. I work at Camptoo because I want to make something that positively changes the world. Outside of work I like traveling and music.

Roel Sadza

Co-founder, Chief of Data

I love to build beautiful things, everything from lego to beautiful functional websites. I love creating something out of the blue that really benefits people. I also like to go to festivals and on city trips.


Full stack developer

As a developer I help make the website better for everyone and solve complex problems through code. I love seeing positive reactions to the things I make, and I love working with the team to create the best platform out there.


Customer Happiness

As a part of Camptoo’s Customer Happiness team, I work towards being able to answer all your questions and provide the best solutions to ensure that your Camptoo experience is nothing short of amazing!


UX/UI designer

As a UX/UI designer I try to make the Camptoo experience the best it can be. What I love about working at Camptoo, is the great feeling to work collaboratively and seeing the platform work better through combined efforts.


Fleet Sales UK

I have been traveling and camping since I was a baby. Give me Mother Nature anytime. I am here to help you learn about listing your camping vehicle. I will teach you everything you need to know in order to get your ad live and attracting new customers.


Front-end Developer

As a Front-end Developer I love the feeling of having an impact on the Camptoo user experience while doing something I love which is coding. It's fascinating to think that a few lines of code can have huge impact on a user. It's really fun!


Customer Happiness Manager

Together with all the wonderful people in the Customer Happiness team, we work every day to improve the service. In addition, I get to exercise my passion by training and guiding them.


Customer Happiness Assistant Manager

With my position, I assist the Customer Happiness Manager where necessary and with the nicest customer happiness team, we make sure that all our lessees and lessors get help and stay as happy as possible.


General Manager UK

Having always loved sport, travelling and the outdoors, I love helping Camptoo help others take awesome roadtrips and live a life of adventure!